Why Product Launches?

See why product launches are used below:

“When a new product is created there are 2 ways to offer it to customers:

One is to introduce it to the market on a gradient by putting up a website with a sales page once the product is ready for sale and starting building up traffic, ideally with the help of some affiliates or JV partners.

The other way is to make a big Product Launch event out of the release

A Product Launch is a marketing strategy consisting of a carefully planned and scheduled sequence of events with the goal to make a big happening out of the release and, of course, make as much sales as possible in a short time span.

To achieve this the launch is scheduled to a specific date and time. You really beat the drum already days and weeks prior to the actual release (the prelaunch phase), have a lot of affiliates on your side who support you in massively promoting your product in the Prelaunch phase. You can even have potential customers subscribe to a preference list which entitles them to a special bonus when they buy shortly after the Launch.

Then have the actual Product launch at exactly the specified time, that is, your sales page goes live at that point.

And after the Launch keep the promotion going by sending out several follow up messages letting your customers know that there were so many sales in the first hours already that the product will probably be sold out soon and they’d have to hurry if they’d want to secure their copy.

The most successful Internet marketers consider the Product Launch as the most important phase in their marketing strategy. Therefore they plan it through to the last detail sometimes even with the help of a special Product Launch expert. One famous example is John Reese’s 1 million dollar day in 2004, when he made 1 million on the first day of releasing his traffic secrets course.”

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