Why Create Your Own Product?

Why create an info product?

Creating good digital products can allow you to vacation in place show in this article.  It also can provide the freedom to travel often.  

“First off, for the sake of this article, an info product means something like an instructional ebook or a “how to” video–as opposed to a software product. Obviously, building software requires a lot more work than creating a user guide. An info product takes less time for you to create but still provides value for your customers.

That said, these types of products serve two important purposes
1. Income that isn’t attached to time, AKA the fabled “passive income.” If you’re running a service-based business and you enjoy it, you don’t need to try to replace your service income with info products. But having info products available for purchase can bring in enough extra money to even out slow months or provide a buffer if you have a week or two when you’re sick and unable to work.

2. You can refer potential clients to them. We’ve all had that client who really wants to work with us but doesn’t necessarily have the budget. If you can give them a solution that’s within their budget and helps them troubleshoot the issue own their own, they’re going to think of you fondly. That usually means they’ll come back to you when they have a larger budget and refer other people to you in the meantime. So not only are you building up another income source, you’re creating future referrals and clients, too.”

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