Opportunity – Key Factors to Attract More Qualified Website Traffic

This is a good article that discusses factors in attracting qualified traffic to your website. Qualified traffic means more interested and attentive readers.

“How do you go about getting more qualified website visitors? The answer is using the right content found on a trustworthy site.
Right Content: The right content is that which is meaningful for both its viewers and the search engines they use to find it. Buyers use search engine queries to locate meaningful websites and content as they begin their hunt for what they need. Your first task is to understand the keyword search terms that buyers will use to search for information they seek…
Search Engine Optimization: The best content is irrelevant if buyers cannot find it. Use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics for targeted keywords in your content and the web pages where it’s found. Another factor in targeting certain keywords is their competitiveness. The more competitive, the more difficult it will be to get ranking, i.e. visibility in search engine results…
Buyer Persona Optimization: Right content also means creating compelling and engaging content that is relevant to qualified visitors. That requires that you know the specific buyer personas of your customers. Create content that offers valuable information and solutions to the questions, concerns and problems they are facing. Buyer personas allow you to personalize your content marketing and persuasive messaging…

Trustworthy Experience: Not only the content but also the website must be perceived as trustworthy by those that visit them.
• Trustworthy Content: Create original, easy-to-understand and in-depth content. If it is geared to your buyer personas and their buying stage, then it will be perceived as trustworthy. A recent report from the CMO Council and Netline provides good insight as to what online content works…and what doesn’t. You can see the results in the Table below.

• Trustworthy Site: The user experience at the website where the content is found is also very important in creating trust perception. A well-designed and user-friendly site is essential. Conversion optimization tactics should be used to increase the feeling of trust in the minds of visitors. Testimonials, third-party credibility indicators, privacy policies, contact information, etc. are used to instill trust and increase conversions.”

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