How to Leverage the 9 Subscription Business Models for Online Businesse

Here is a great article on subscription business models that will work online line. Give them a review. The link to the full article is below.

“1. The Network Model
(Cable TV, Internet, Cell Phone)
This type of subscription model works best for businesses where the service/product improves with the number of subscribers who join. As the business grows the members also benefit.”

2. The Surprise Box Model
This model works great for anyone who sells a physical product. It also works well for home-based business owners who are building a direct sales or network marketing business! Parties & presentations aren’t the only way to grow your biz – think outside the box!

3. The All You Can Eat Library Model
(Netflix & Amazon Prime Video)
Are you a master at creating content? Create a library of content behind a login screen and build a membership that allows people to access it. This would be perfect for…

4. Private Club Model
(Gym Membership & Country Club)
Have you been thinking about creating a private Facebook or Linked In group? How about a private membership community on your website? If you vet your community well, your members will add as much value as you do. This is a great add-on to a training program as well!

5. The Front of the Line Subscription Model
(Airline Credit Cards, Savers Cards at Local Grocery Stores)
This type of membership offers extra services, discounts, or priority to subscribers. An example would be the priority boarding on airplanes for frequent flyers or card holders. This could be used in any business for your best clients. Just be sure to make the offer exclusive to your VIPs to keep it enticing.

6. Membership Website Model
(Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare)
If you’ve taken an online training course you’ve likely experienced the membership website model. The membership subscription model is similar but provides ongoing access to member information with a recurring fee. Some membership subscriptions “drip” content modules on a schedule so that subscribers are enticed to stay. This works excellent for Business to Business and Business to Consumer information and is perfect if you…

7. The Simplifier Model
(House Cleaning, Home Maintenance, Personal Shopper, Bookkeeping Services)
How can you make your client’s life and business easier? If you can simplify a process for them, or take something off their plate on a regular basis, you have a perfect simplifer subscription product. For example, I offer website maintenance packages that include time each month to clients who want help adding, scheduling, and optimizing blog posts for the search engines, as well as making minor changes to their website. That way they can focus on their clients.”

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