How To Create A Design Strategy For An Online Business?

Strategy…Strategy…Strategy. You have to have a strategy to design a new product. Here are a few points to consider. Read on. Read on.

“There a lot of influences and factors behind producing a successful product, it requires more than just looking good or working well. At Product Creation Studio, we take a holistic approach to this process.

So the question is, why do you need a design strategy? Because it will ultimately help you determine what product to create.
A design strategy defined, determines what product to make and why and how to innovate contextually in both the short term and the long term. A design strategy is the interplay between design, business and technology.

A good product design strategy will:

Define the product before it’s created
Give insight into what will make the product successful
Help you understand what you should design
Guide the development path
Help with design decisions
Incorporate other disciplines into the design process
Who uses a design strategy? Some of the most well-known and popular brands use a design strategy – Apple and Tesla.

It was no coincidence that Apple has people lined up in front of their stores three days in advance every time they have a new release.

The newest Tesla Model 3 had astronomical sales and had over 350k pre-orders from people who had never even seen the car. That equates to over $14 billion in sales! It was the largest product launch in U.S. history … and it’s plays in a very competitive market.

These companies both have a strategic vision and a good design strategy for the products they create.

So, how do you create a design strategy? There are three critical steps to a successful product design strategy.

Understand the problem and the opportunity.
Define your product (and do it early!).
Visualize your product.”

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