Here Is How You Can Find New Twitter Topics from Your Inbox

Since its inception, all types of entrepreneurs to gain traction for their business have used Twitter. The primary goal is to use it to generate prospective leads to blogs and websites. When utilized in the correct way, it is highly rewarding when the right amount of time and focus goes into creating relevant topics for your business.

With over 550 million users, 43% access Twitter via mobile, to post and engage with over 340 million tweets on a daily basis. It is, therefore, importunate that you choose Twitter topics wisely. Your email inbox can be a source of topics that resonates with your followers.
How then can you find new Twitter topics from your inbox to increase your followers and engage with your users?


Over 90% of websites you visit has CTAs that ask for your email address to send you their newsletters. They are an excellent way to stay on the pulse of market and marketing trends, innovative solutions, and diverse information. Ensure that the newsletters you subscribe to are relevant to your niche, and they can be a source of interactive topics on Twitter.

The millennial generation has diverse attention spans while on the internet, especially on social media platforms. This makes for what is called a scrolling generation, and your topics need to be captive and well posted. By using the information from your newsletter, you will be able to develop content for Twitter that fits into your personal and business priorities.

With the increasing wealth of information available online, Twitter users are having a harder time creating content for their followers. The essential thing is to ensure that your subscriptions grow you as a person as well as business. They will valuable provide content for your followers as well as prospective leads.


Some sites and blogs publish content on a daily basis, which makes for a ton of information to read. The best way is to read every day, analyzing all the information and the data; this will enable you to put together different pieces of information into coherent articles and Twitter topics.
Create a schedule where you will analyze the effectiveness of your topics on your followers. This will also help you in structuring your inbox. You will find information that you like to consume and will direct you in creating Twitter topics that pack value and engage your followers leading to higher conversion rates for your site.

Photo By Jhows